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Hi. My name's Paola. This is my personal website. Italian. Born 20th May. Talkative. Music lover. Country addicted. Lifehouseaholic and Shopaholic. Rock'n'Roll addicted. Graphic obsessed. Daydreamer. Cynic. Movie freak. Friendly. Insicure. Narcissist (sometimes). Confused and Happy.

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Michelle Echoica
Matilde Velvet-Angels
Alechan Suicide-Girl
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Welcome to Tears and Rain, my personal website and collective.
Here you can find all my works, all my likes and dislikes, my love and my hate.
You can have a look around, check all sections and contact me, if you want.
This is the ~ 8th ~ version of gothgirl, this free domain powered by altervista, created with a picture from Kurt Halsey's drawings and the lyrics by Mew.


Wednesday 5, July. » New Version, Quick Updates.
Sorry for the lack of updates, but this year has absolutely send me to hell!
I finally finished high school, probably with a very high mark (thanks God!) and I'm in love, so this is a very busy but happy year!
In a couple of days I'll open a new website, an artfolio, on Athrax domain. So check out oftenly the "Sites" section. Stay tuned!

Friday 24, March. » New Version.
I've changed layout and I'm so sorry to leave this place a little outdated, sometimes.
I'm really busy with school and so on, so mostly everytime I just update Sites list and say nothing there.
So, if you want to check out some new fanlistings or new layouts, I suggest you to visit oftenly the "Sites" section.

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