locked inside.
Hi. My name's Paola. This is my personal website. Italian. Born 20th May. Talkative. Music lover. Country addicted. Lifehouseaholic and Shopaholic. Rock'n'Roll addicted. Graphic obsessed. Daydreamer. Cynic. Movie freak. Friendly. Insicure. Narcissist (sometimes). Confused and Happy.

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Hi. My name's Paola. This is my personal website. I'm italian and I was born 20th May.
My time of death will be Sunday, August 1, 2066, and I live in Treviso, Veneto, Italia. I love music, in particular rock, punk, emo, indie and metal; I love all computer stuff, I'm a movie freak and I see them almost one a day. I like photography and all art in general, reading books and magazines, learning things about Japan, take photos of my friends, sunflowers and daisies, telefilms and soundtracks.

the mask.
I'm hair-obsessed: I dyed my hair 12 times only in 2004, becoming blonde, orange, red, brown, blue, black, lilac and everything in between. Almost every color in sale.
Now I'm dark brown. By the way, I've got green eyes, and in particular times of day they become a lil' orange. I'm not so tall, and I'm overweight.
I've got a bunch of ear-holes (now five, six if we count the one I closed after two weeks), and I will make another two.
I like wearing strange shirts and classic denim blue jeans, and my favourite look is emo.
I love shoes; sabot, decollete, chucks, boots, gym. Every type. I love them all, and I've got maybe 40 pair.
I paint my nails most of time, and I often use cologne spray (Tommy Hilfinger and Marcella Burani).

behind green eyes.
I'm somekind of freak. Sometimes I talk to much, sometimes not enough. I'm cynic and often I say what I really don't think. Probably 'cause I'm too impulsive and too confused by life.
I'm insecure, and over all I've got b.e.d.; I used to self-injure, and I stop doing it since this winter. I tried to kill myself 5 times when I was younger and now I stop thinking about it, 'cause I've searched help and I found it, and now I feel better.
I'm stutterer, and that's why I speak so fast, 'cause if I speak slowly I start to stutter. I'm intelligent but not bookish, by the way everybody thinks that I'm a geek.

walking beside
I scraped with my two best friends, Cleo and Sara in January '05, and now I'm happy than before, I've got a bunch of friends I go out with, and I think that I can be independent.
I tried to get back my friendship with Cleo, and it seems that everything is going okay. Well, we're workin' about.
Actually, my best friends are Pamela and Lavinia; they're quite different (and they don't know each other) but they're absolutely what I always searched in a friendship. They're smart, funny and always right beside me when I need help and advices.
I live with my father, Gino, who's 67 years-old. My mother died when I was nine, and I love her so much even now.
I'm engaged with Filippo since May '06 and this is really the best era of my life (wish it lasts forever, of course). He's what I always looked for and, at last, I finally found him.

love me fool me.
I'm actually engaged. In the past, I've been dated by a guy, but nothing's happen (maybe 'cause I'm TOO talkative, sometimes); I always had one-way relationships and since this May, I'm absolutely in love with Filippo, and he, really, is my "sweetest downfall", my little-puccinerd Kareshi. I'm not obsessive and too jealous; I think that in a couple there's must be gray areas where anyone can find peace of mind; by the way I don't understand open couples or similar, I respect but don't understand. I don't want an appearence-obsessed man and also a body-builded; I like normal guys, and I love blonde with green eyes, and I want a man that doesn't want to change my appearence or someone who's with me only to be with someone.

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