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Sunday 4, December. » New Version.
Gosh, it's almost a life that I don't update here. So sorry.
Life's changin' so fast, and I really can't imagine why I can't keep movin' on with it without losing something by the road.
Well, this is the new version. I really love Calliope, it's one strange production of my mind.
By the way, I'm going to change also the "Fan" section layout, and update some fanlisting.
Check them out!

Tuesday 20, September. » New Version.
I thought there were a lack of update, so I'll come up with this new version!
Awww... I absolutely go crazy for Doc. Chase in House! I saw that drama every Wednesday, and I'm mad for it!
Okay, I've added a bunch of fanlistings, opened Salt Sweat Sugar, a lyrics archive for Jimmy Eat World songs and I've updated LifehouseItalia.com; In a couple of days I'll put up also a few of other fanlistings, so stay tuned.
Wednesday 10, August. » New Version.
I absolutely love Paul. He's amazing.
And I also thought the last version was becoming a little outdated.
So I'll pull hands out of my clothes and open my Photoshop to get out this one.
Do you think it's cute, don't you?
Well, news news news: I'm going to adopt Country House by Blur fanlistings, and I'm so happy and proud at the same time!
I also added new banners on WWW page and update Contact section.
So check them out!

Sunday 7, August. » Updates.
I've changed a couple of fanlistings layouts... in specific:
» Children Playing, Christmas Time by Smashing Pumpkins;
» Mrs. Brightside, Matilde fl;
» Passion Takes On A Purpose, Revolution Cry by Lifehouse;
» Walking Barefoot, Lifehouse Videos;
» Remember Waiting, The Saddest Song by The Ataris;
» Million Suns, I Surrender by Saybia;
» Feels Like a Million Miles Away, The End Has Only Begun by Lifehouse;
I've submitted a bunch of apply form to TFL.org, and maybe soon I'll make a news with upcomings fanlistings.
I've got to go now, hope to write soon here.

Thursday 21, July. » Quick Changes.
Some layouts of fanlistings, my webjournal template and this homepage started to be a little on hiatus, so I make a couple of updates.
Firstly, I have to admit that I don't ask Ste for The Ataris's site changes. I'm sorry but by the way the time I lost was mine and I can do with that all I want, okay (yeah, I know, when I talk in this way I seem to be a lil' bitchy).
I've changed the layout of Myles's fanlistings, Webjournal and LHI.com, so check them out!
I'm planning to change a couple of layouts also, like the one of Fanatique section, a little out-dated and awful, then find some other affiliates.
If you're askin' to yourself "Why, oh, Why Paola is just right there?", the answer is simple and clean.
I quit work, 'cause the boss where a big asshole, all day long shout me out for nothing, just to hear his voice screaming.
It was a really bad time, but now I'm home and I'm feeling better.

Sunday 5, June. » New Layout.
I cleaned my bedroom all day, and I'm feeling real tired, now.
Guess I will never leave this room all messed up like it was before.
Ten days and I'll leave this house to work for two months and a half at the beach, in a hotel by the sea.
That place has a beautiful position, good service and (gosh) awful and ugly directors, father and son. Nothing's perfect, I guess.
The only person has got some kind of intelligence is the daughter, Monica, and I think she's funny, sometimes, maybe when her parents and not around.
I'm not so idiot to think that this will be a "good" time, I know I'll be there to work, to get pissed off, to be angry all time; the only force makes me want to go there is that I need money to get my driving licence, pay my trip to Rome and to Barcelona.
I can't wait to see Cecilia - she rocks!