locked inside.
Hi. My name's Paola. This is my personal website. Italian. Born 20th May. Talkative. Music lover. Country addicted. Lifehouseaholic and Shopaholic. Rock'n'Roll addicted. Graphic obsessed. Daydreamer. Cynic. Movie freak. Friendly. Insicure. Narcissist (sometimes). Confused and Happy.

Filippo RudeHero
Michelle Echoica
Matilde Velvet-Angels
Alechan Suicide-Girl
Flapper Flapper Online
Anija Anija
Silvia Wolfland

xhtml 1.0 ~ css 2.0

If you want to ask me something about my works, write me your opinion or whatever comes to your mind, feel free to use this contacts.
Pay attention: I don't make HTML/CSS or similar lesson, I don't make graphic or similar for free, only professional request.
If you are italian or you know italian, write in that way. Otherwise, write in English.

mail angelicuccia_inside[at]yahoo.it or belovedpolarbear[at]yahoo.co.uk
msn Ask me by email and maybe I'll give it to you. Maybe.
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