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Hi. My name's Paola. This is my personal website. Italian. Born 20th May. Talkative. Music lover. Country addicted. Lifehouseaholic and Shopaholic. Rock'n'Roll addicted. Graphic obsessed. Daydreamer. Cynic. Movie freak. Friendly. Insicure. Narcissist (sometimes). Confused and Happy.

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Michelle Echoica
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Alechan Suicide-Girl
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I've opened this webpage on January 2005 and is hosted by altervista.org.
This version features a Kurt Halsey picture and lyrics from Mew's song Special; they absolutely rock.
I used "Calvin and Hobbes" font, found at dafont.
This pic is taken from his official site, and actually I did this work by myself with some editing software.
By the way, the contents are all made by me, and the structure is most of all inspired by Michelle's works. She rocks.
The name "gothgirl" came from my first passion, goth metal and all look stuff. I think gothgirls are simply wonderful and cool.

past layouts.

Name Illogical Beauty
Version Number one
Featuring Angelina Jolie, I don't remember where I found that pic
Colors Light-pink, Cream
When from January 10th to March 24th

Name The Sky Is Bleeding
Version Number Two
Featuring Picture from sxc.hu
Colors Light-lilac, Dark-red
When from March 25th to June 6th

Name Tears & Rain
Version Number Three
Featuring Clementine Kruczinsky, from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Movie
Colors Dark Red, Cream and Light-Violet
When from June 5th to August 10th

Name Tears & Rain
Version Number Four
Featuring Paul Walker
Colors Dark Red, Cream and Light-Violet
When from August 10th to September 20th

Name Tears & Rain
Version Number Five
Featuring Jesse Spencer
Colors Light-blue, White, Dark-blue
When from September 20th to December 4th

Name Build Me Up Right Just To Watch Me Break
Version Number Six
Featuring Calliope (calliopeiscrashing)
Colors Light-blue, White, Dark-blue, Gray
When from December 4th to March 24th

Name Tears And Rain
Version Number Seven
Featuring Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge
Colors Brown, Light-Brown, White, Black
When from March 24th to July 5th