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Hi. My name's Paola. This is my personal website. Italian. Born 20th May. Talkative. Music lover. Country addicted. Lifehouseaholic and Shopaholic. Rock'n'Roll addicted. Graphic obsessed. Daydreamer. Cynic. Movie freak. Friendly. Insicure. Narcissist (sometimes). Confused and Happy.

Filippo RudeHero
Michelle Echoica
Matilde Velvet-Angels
Alechan Suicide-Girl
Flapper Flapper Online
Anija Anija
Silvia Wolfland

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I visit daily most of this websites or collective, and I find inspiration to see how they're made, they're colours or they're contents.
If you want to be added in this list, you have to contact me, show me your site and attach me your 88x31 banner.
If I judge your site cool or I like it, you will be added.
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